Step 1. Start with Shared Gmail™ Labels

You can now share your Gmail™ labels with any email address, for free. Emails are the backbone of all business workflows and communication, yet they lack the ability to delegate incoming emails, share drafts and templates, or collaborate in any meaningful way. We eliminate all of these problems for you with a free shared Gmail label service. 

Now, you can easily set up a team collaboration workflow for your following processes: 

  • Customer service and support
  • Onboarding new talent
  • Lead management
  • Project management 

Step 2: Share it.

Collaborate without ever leaving your email:

  1. Create a Gmail label or use an existing one
  2. Share it with anyone who has an email address
  3. Your Gmail Label will automatically appear in their email folder (Gmail or not) 
  4. You can both populate it as much as you like, and you will each see each other's emails in that shared folder.

This is ideal for:  Lead generation, Project management, On-boarding new talent, or Sharing email templates and drafts. 


Step 3. Gmail Label Team Chat

Once you're in your Gmail label, you will see a button that says "open chat" on the top. Click it to chat with anyone you shared your Gmail Label with. Your chats will remain in the text box so that you can refer back to them whenever you want to. When you're done chatting, you can just click on "close chat". 


Comment On Emails

There is currently no way to comment on emails, until now. 

Need to discuss something about a specific email?

Just open up the email from your shared label folder, and start chatting in the right-column chat box. This chat is only visible between you and whoever you shared the label with, and the chat conversation stays visible to you for as long as you keep the email!   

Discover how easy collaboration can be:

Team chat and collaboration keeps everyone in your business workflow aware of what's going on, and as a result, it helps complete the goal faster, without ever needing to leave Gmail.


Real time collaboration on emails for your whole team, directly from Gmail.